The advantage of the kPlot format  

Usually the storage of numerical data needs a relatively high amount of space (8 to 20 Bytes for each real number). Assume that you want to animate 450 two-dimensional graphs each consisting of 64 x 64 real numbers. Your data then would need between 14 and 35 megabyte of memory. With a 33.6 Modem it would take between 90 minutes and 4 hours to download this huge amount of data.

Fortunately we do not need that much precision for drawing a graph. kPlot just uses a single byte for each real number. In the above example this reduces the size to about 1.7 megabyte. In addition, due to the reduced complexity of the data the kPlot file is much better suited for compression with zip or gzip. In reality I could reduce the size of the data file to about 400 kB so that it can be downloaded within about 2 minutes using a Modem (see here).