Laser Cool. A Game about Atom Optics

Welcome to Laser Cool, a game about atoms and laser beams. The idea of the game is based on the technique of laser cooling of atoms, which is an ingenious method to slow down atoms to a few millimeters per second. In 1997 the Nobel prize in Physics was awarded to Claude Cohen-Tannoudji, Steve Chu, and Bill Phillips for advanced methods of laser cooling.

The game is a bit like a billiard game with atoms as balls and laser beams as sticks. To play it no knowledge of physics is required, but if you want to know how this works in the laboratory you may find some explanations in the instructions. The game is written in Java. Therefore, if it doesn't work, you probably have to enable Java in your browser preferences or, in some cases, to download the Java plug-in.

Since the first version I rewrote laser cool several times to adapt it to the different networks I used. The present version dates from December 2003.

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