Atlantic Undergraduate Physics and Astronomy Conference - 2011

St. Francis Xavier University

February 4, 2011 – February 6, 2011

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If you have any questions, please email aupac11(at)


Registration steps:

1) Create an AUPAC 2011 profile, following the "Account" link above. This will be used to access your AUPAC 2011 account in future visits.

2) After creating an account, register for the conference using the registration form. Registration fee is payable at the registration desk upon arrival.

3) Arrange all necessary accommodation.

Deadline for abstract submission was January 30th 2011.


Note for presenters: student talks are 10 minutes with 5 minutes for questions. This limit will be strictly enforced. The computer hosting presentions runs on Windows XP with the MS Office 2007 suite. If your presentation is not compatible with this software, be sure to convert to .pdf or another suitable format.


The Atlantic Undergraduate Physics and Astronomy Conference (AUPAC), is an annual conference supported through the Atlantic Provinces Council of the Sciences (APICS). APICS is a federally registered charity with a mandate to promote science education and research in Atlantic Canada. Their primary outreach activity is the coordination of annual academic conferences for students in a number of disciplines. These conferences are planned on behalf of APICS by students and faculty on a voluntary basis at various post-secondary institutions across the region. Formerly known as AUPC, prior to the inclusion of Astronomy, AUPAC has been "in operation" since 1990 and is typically held during the first weekend of February. This conference is dedicated to showcasing the research activities of undergraduate physics and astronomy students across the region and provides an excellent opportunity for students to meet and share ideas.

Conference Information