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NSERC postgraduate scholarships

General information about NSERC postgraduate scholarships (PGS) is available through the program description. The application is done online. There is an online video tutorial to help students filling out the form. NSERC is very meticulous about its formal requirements, so make sure you read all information and precisely follow the guidelines.

Students who graduated in 2010 or expect to graduate in 2011 should apply through StFX. The internal deadline is 1 November 2010. The applicants must ensure that copies of all transcripts are handed into the Deans Office by this same deadline. The person who will be uploading the copies of their transcripts is the administrative assistant in the office of the Dean of Science, Karen Broussard (email address kmason@stfx.ca).

Students who graduated before 1 January 2010 should apply directly to NSERC before 15 October 2010.

If you have any questions contact Peter Marzlin