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Quantum Optics Theory Group at StFX

Our research deals predominantly with the interaction between atoms or molecules and light. However, it touches a huge variety of topics, including quantum optics and quantum information, stopping and retrieving light, the coldest matter in the universe (Bose-Einstein condensates), fundamental questions in quantum physics, gauge fields, and relativity.


Below you may find some animations and explanations related to our research. There are also some games connected to our research fields.

Photonic band gaps and defect states in periodic condensates
States insensitive to the Unruh effect for multi-level detectors
Collapse and revival of ultracold atoms in a microwave cavity
Stirring vortices into a Bose-Einstein condensate
Laser-induced Rotation of a Trapped Bose-Einstein Condensate
Gravito-optical trapping of three-level atoms

Brief introductions:
Phase Space Description of the Optical Kerr Effect
Acceleration of quasi-particle modes in Bose-Einstein condensates
Creation of vortex states in trapped condensates

Quantum Mine Sweeper, a game about counterfactual measurements in quantum physics.
Laser Cool, a game about using lasers to cool atomic gases.