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Cool Physics News Archive

Fall 2011

Graphene could make 'perfect' solar cells
Optical cloaks hide objects in broad daylight
14 quantum bits: Physicists go beyond the limits of what is currently possible in quantum computation
Religion may become extinct in nine nations, study says
Using quantum methods to read classical memories offers surprising advantages

Winter 2011

Brown dwarf could be coldest known star
Kepler's ongoing exoplanet findings show bizarre solar systems and peculiar planets
Quantum no-hiding theorem experimentally confirmed for first time
Twisted light could enable black hole detection
Supernova to superfluid
Did Vikings navigate by polarized light?
Antimatter created in thunderstorms
Steel cylinder 'cloaks' sound waves
Physicists create sonic black hole in the lab
Quantum networks closer with Alberta discovery
Pulsar bursts move 'faster than light'
Secretary of Energy Steven Chu helps confirm Einstein theory
Quantum theory survives latest challenge
Optical wing generates lift from light
Astronomers Get First Peek at Atmosphere of a "Super-Earth" Exoplanet
Hadron Collider detects 'Big Bang' matter

Fall 2010

Antimatter, here to stay
New evidence that weird quantum supersolid exists
Physicists show that superfluid light is possible
Real-time holograms beam closer to reality
Physicists show that superfluid light is possible
Alternative yardstick to measure the universe
Model describes Web page popularity
Metamaterials Probe Changes in Spacetime Structure
Breaking time reversal symmetry with light
Scientists catch first glimpse of 'pseudo' Hawking radiation
Sound can leap across a vacuum after all
Geim and Novoselev share Nobel Prize in Physics
Carl Wieman accepts White House science post
Superconducting trio get entangled
Time warps an everyday occurrence
Hybrid quantum systems
All-optical compass
What's eating the stars out of our galaxy's heart?
Light trapped on curved surfaces
Magnetic monopole deficit hints that hunt is futile
Physics of free kicks: The hidden advantage of long-distance soccer shots
Hackers blind quantum cryptographers
Jumping from two and three particles to infinitely many
Lasers Could Make Virtual Particles Real

Summer 2010

Fluid defences
Antarctica Experiment Discovers Puzzling Space Ray Pattern
Behold, the antilaser
Scientists find metallic magnet with largest yet atomic displacement during thermal expansion
Universe's biggest known star discovered by British astronomers
Quantum theory survives its latest ordeal
Steven Chu Breaks Record for Highest-Resolution Optical Imaging, Cracking Nanometer Limit
New proton measurements may throw physics a curve
Scientists prove cosmic rays are made of protons
Unusual quantum states may shake up quantum computing
World Cup Security Uses Physics To Thwart Hackers
Quantum dots for highly efficient solar cells
Mass Transits: Kepler Mission Releases Data on Hundreds of Possible Exoplanets
Physicists investigate the role of quantum entanglement in the magnetic compasses of animals
Spooky Eyes: Using Human Volunteers to Witness Quantum Entanglement
Distant gas blob threatens to shake nature's constants
Quantum photocells might cheat efficiency limits

Spring 2010

A New Clue to Explain Existence
Quantum crack in cryptographic armour
Quantum Imaging Technique IDs Objects Using a Single Photon
Combining MRI with Atomic Microscopy, Researchers Get 3-D Images of Viruses, Cells
With A Bit of Math, Researchers Find a Way to See Through Opaque Materials
First quantum effects seen in visible object
The 3D Invisibity Cloak: It's real, but it's really tiny
Supermassive Black Holes Can Kill Whole Galaxies
Novel Experiment Prepares to Join Dark Energy Hunt
Laser 'punch' could bump up fusion power
Helium rain washing away neon on Jupiter

Winter 2010

Lasers zap fusion doubts at NIF
Quantum computer simulates hydrogen molecule just right
Spasers set to sum: A new dawn for optical computing
Colliding particles can make Black Holes
BSc in Physics earns high starting salaries
Pulsar bursts move 'faster than light'
Symmetry found hidden in supercold atoms
How to make a liquid invisibility cloak
New-found galaxies may be farthest back in time and space yet
Frozen light stays fresh longer
Evanescent waves bring new window into the nanoworld
Sharing a quantum key via the possibility of communication


Solar cell grabs hot electrons
Chink found in armor of perfect cloak Using lasers to cool and manipulate molecules
Rainbow trapped for the first time
A Physics Paradox: Holes That Block Light
Tomorrow's weather: Cloudy, with a chance of fractals
Signature of Antimatter Detected in Lightning
Building Black Holes
Rethinking relativity: Is time out of joint?
Quantum Computers Could Tackle Enormous Equations
Scientist born in Amherst, N.S., shares Nobel Prize in Physics
Protecting quantum superpositions from the outside world
The Sun Gets Its Spots (Back)
Lasers Can Chill Stuff Super Fast
Magnetic Monopoles Detected In A Real Magnet For The First Time
IBM Scientists Take First Close-Up Image of a Single Molecule
The UNESCO Courier: Enigmas of the universe
Tiny Group of Stockholders Control Most Markets
Lack of Gravity Waves Puts Limits on Exotic Cosmology Theories
Disrupt Emergency Exits to Boost Evacuation Rates
Casper the Quantum Ghost
Scientists Propose Lab-grade Black Holes
Tiny device is first complete 'quantum computer'
Radio Telescopes Turn the Moon into World's Largest Neutrino Detector
Centuries-old sketches solve sunspot mystery
Invisibility cloak could hide buildings from quakes
Researchers Claim First "Real" Quantum Processor