Charles Jordan Prize for Second Year Physics | Department of Physics

Charles Jordan Prize for Second Year Physics

1932 - 1970
B.Sc. Physics, St.F.X. 1952
M.Sc. Physics, McMaster 1956

Charles Jordan was an Amercian who came to St.F.X in 1948 to study Physics. While a student here he worked with Father Clarke as a research assistant and lab demonstrator. He designed and built a control board for the lights and curtains in the St.F.X Auditorium. Upon completion of his graduate degree Charles returned to New England to work as a microwave antenna design engineer for the Raytheon Company in Bedford Massachusetts. He was married in 1956 and had three daughters. He died in 1970 at the age of 38. The Charles Jordan Prize was established in his memory by his mother, Mrs. David W. Jordan and the first prize was awarded in 1981.

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