Michael Steinitz | Department of Physics

Michael Steinitz

Department of Physics
St Francis Xavier University
Antigonish, Nova Scotia B2G 2W5, Canada
Room PSC 1030
Phone: +1 (902) 867 3909
Fax: +1 (902) 867 2414
e-mail: msteinit@stfx.ca

Current courses
PHYS 100: General Physics
PHYS 223: Digital Electronics

Condensed Matter
Solid State & Neutron Scattering
Michael Steinitz's research areas are in neutron scattering and dilatometry, as applied to magnetic structures of rare-earth and transition metals, especially incommensurate and density-wave structures. He has developed dilatometricmethods for use at cryogenic and very high temperatures. Together with Jan Genossar of the Technion, he developed the tilted-plate capacitance displacement sensor, which allows angstrom resolution at temperatures exceeding 1000 C. Since Autumn of 2006 he has been the editor of the Canadian Journal of Physics.

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