Brandon P. van Zyl (Condensed Matter Theory) | Department of Physics

Brandon P. van Zyl (Condensed Matter Theory)

Associate Professor
Department of Physics
St Francis Xavier University
Antigonish, Nova Scotia B2G 2W5, Canada
Room PSC 1019
Phone: +1 (902) 867 3944
Fax: +1 (902) 867 2414

Associate Editor, Canadian Journal of Physics

Courses Taught (2005-present)
PHYS 100 Introductory Physics
PHYS 241 Mathematical Physics
PHYS 242 Classical Mechanics I
PHYS 325 Optics
PHYS 343 Quantum Mechanics I
PHYS 422 Electricity and Magnetism II
PHYS 443 Quantum Mechanics II

Research Summary
Brandon van Zyl’s current research focuses on theoretical investigations of ultra-cold, trapped quantum gases. Utilizing both analytical and computational techniques, he investigates the rich quantum many-body phenomena of these systems (e.g., Bose-Einstein condensation, unitary Fermi gases). Recently, his efforts in this area have focused on low-dimensional trapped quantum gases, with emphasis on two-dimensional dipolar Fermi gases. Dr. van Zyl is also actively working towards developing a research group at StFX that will provide theoretical support for experimentalists investigating the transport properties of organic thin-film transistors (OTFTs). He has recently co-authored a paper in this area with Dr. I. G. Hill’s experimental OTFTs group at Dalhousie University in Halifax. Dr. van Zyl also works on many problems in mathematical physics, such as the Riemann Hypothesis, fractional exclusion statistics, and the foundations of density-functional theory.

D. H. O'Dell (McMaster University)
R. K. Bhaduri (McMaster University(
E. Zaremba (Queens University)
R. J. Gooding (Queens University)
D. A. W. Hutchinson (Otago University, New Zealand)
D. Schumayer (Otago University, New Zealand)
K. Bencheikh (Universit\'{e} de S\'{e}tif, Algeria)

Past Group Members
Dr. Daniel Schumayer (Visiting scientist, summer 2009) Melodie Need (StFX 2007, Honours Physics, NSERC USRA)
Patrick Shea (StFX 2007, Honours Physics, NSERC USRA, currently PhD student at Dalhousie University, NSERC funded)
Thomas Feltmate (StFX 2009, Advanced Major Physics, currently MBA student at Queens University)
Blake Ball (2009-2010, Summer Research Assistant)
Kyle Hacket (StFX 2011, Advanced Major Physics)
Alexadra MacDonald (StFX 2011, Advanced Major Physics)
Dr. Shajahan Razul (Postdoctoral fellow)
Aaron Farrell (StFX 2011, Honours Physics, NSERC USRA, currently PhD candidate at McGill University, NSERC funded)
Thea Huard (StFX 2011, Honours Physics, NSERC USRA)

Current Group Members (2009-2010)
Dr. Brandon P. van Zyl (Principal investigator)
Zachary MacDonald (undergraduate research assistant, NSERC USRA, Mathematical Physics)

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External Funding
$52,134 NSERC Discovery Grant (2005-2008)
$115,000 NSERC Discovery Grant (2009-2013)