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Congratulations, class of 2011!

The Physics department prides itself on having a friendly and collegial atmosphere in which students will always find an open door for discussions with professors. Faculty members in the department are dedicated teachers, who take pride in the high quality of education they provide to all students. Our graduates receive a world-class degree in Physics in an environment where questions are welcomed and lively discussions are encouraged.

During its long history the Department has always being very active in research, which is a tradition that continues to this day. Because StFX is primarily an undergraduate university, it offers a unique environment in which undergraduate students have many opportunities to get involved in research at a very early stage, including their first year of study. The research topics in the Department are very diverse, so that students also benefit from the expertise faculty members bring from their research directly into the classroom.

If you are interested in studying physics, working with one of us during the summer, or if you just have a general question about physics, feel free to contact any of our faculty members.